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Windows Phone Geek Developer Marketplace now open to all

Windows Phone Geek have finally made their Developer Marketplace open to all. It was previously released in beta to a select few. The Marketplace enables Windows Phone developers to pick up (or sell) components, tools, templates, frameworks, and more.

The scheduled month to open up the Marketplace to all developers was September 2012, but with increasing interest Windows Phone Geek have decided to bring the release date forward a few months. Boryana Miloshevska, Founder and CEO, had the following to add in the press release.

“Previously, we announced that the private beta was expected to continue until September 2012. I am pleased to announce that, due to the huge interest, we are starting the public beta two months earlier! Starting today, our component marketplace is open to everyone.”

Should you be interested to share any supported projects to the community, you can either give items away for free or publish a price tag to fund some beers. Be sure to check out the Marketplace regardless as the purpose of such a place is for developers to create better quality apps for consumers.

Source: Windows Phone Geek

Windows Phone App of the Week: Don’t Like the Official Twitter App? Try Rowi

Rowi is a third-party Twitter app that hopes to make things more efficient for people with multiple Twitter accounts. Twitter users can sign into the app with multiple accounts, then choose from a “Tweet as” list once they have composed a tweet. Users can also save tweets to read for later using Readability, Instapaper, or Pocket.

There are some limited photo editing options on the app, and the ability to translate tweets using Bing is a big plus. The paid version of the app removes the ads and features push notifications that you can customize and use with your Live Tiles. The app is also done up in the Windows Phone Metro style.

Being free and adding a few new features not in the official Twitter app, Rowi looks like it’s worth a download. The free and paid versions are both available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The paid version costs $1.49.

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Windows Phone App of the Week: The Dark Knight Rises on Nokia Lumia Phones

The Dark Knight Rises official app is out, but it’s only for Nokia Lumia users. The app includes pretty standard movie promotional material – trailers, film information, wallpapers, behind-the-scenes video, and audio clips. Additionally, a social media stream dedicated to the movie will be included, as well as a countdown to the movie’s release on July 20th.

There’s also a minigame called “Claim Gotham City.” Basically, you pick a side (Bane or Batman), and check-in to various places around your city using Foursquare to claim rewards, which presumably include more exclusive promotional material.

The Dark Knight Rises app is available for free, exclusively to Nokia Lumia phones.

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Windows Phone Marketplace hits 100K apps

It took Windows Phone just 20 months to hit the 100,000 apps milestone. That’s about 313 apps per day, according to the blog All About Windows Phone. According to All About Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile-app marketplace hit the 100,000 benchmark faster than Android, which took 24 months, but slower than iOS, which hit the mark in 16 months. The good news? its only going to get bigger. Already, there is the eagerly anticipated Apollo update and since developing for Windows 8 will almost be the same as developing for Windows Phone, an increase in the Windows Store should also see a corresponding increase in the Windows Phone Marketplace since porting apps from Windows 8 to Windows Phone will be a piece of cake.

Dozens of types of apps are available, from business to photo to sports, but by far the biggest category is entertainment with nearly 20,000 apps. Other popular categories include tools + productivity, books + reference, and games. According to All About Windows Phone, these four categories make up 59 percent of all content that the marketplace carries. Additionally, 67 percent of the apps are free.

Windows Phone Game Of the Week: Lodo

If you played this classic African game as a kid then you would surely appreciate this app. If you didn’t, you still need to get it because..hey its based on a classic african game and its free. Another Yalla Apps “app”, it brings the good old times to the “modern screen”.

Ludo Lodo is a free ad supported game and can be found here

Windows Phone Geek launches developer components marketplace

Developer-based community Windows Phone Geek, have announced their new marketplace (link) that caters for developers who requires tools to help them build apps on the platform. This beta (currently invite-only) Windows Phone marketplace enables developers to buy / sell UI controls, developer tools, SDKs, app templates, source code and more.

This should help developers build high quality apps and offer tools in a single location. Boryana Miloshevska, Founder and CEO of WPGeek Ltd, had the following to say:

“Our purpose is not just to list thousands of low quality components, but to list only those that really can bring value and can help developers to build better apps. So, quality and not just quantity is what we aim to achieve with the WindowsPhoneGeek Marketplace!”

Read more about it here

Nokia Lumia 900 Screen Hammer Test


Another reason to get a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone? The new Nokia Lumia 900 is hard as nails — literally. The screen can not only survive having nails hammered into it, it can even be used in lieu of a hammer when there’s some nailing needs doing.

Nokia set out to prove the toughness of the Lumia 900′s screen by heading down to the hardware validation lab with a hammer, a two-by-four and some nails. The phone emerged unscathed from being nailed, thanks to its toughened screen.

Press play on the video below for the proof:


Read more of “Nokia Lumia 900 is tough as nails — literally,” at Crave UK.

Windows Phone App of the Week: Take Your Pinterest with You With Pinspiration

Pinspiration is as close as Windows Phone users are getting for now to an official Pinterest app, which is currently an exclusive for iOS. Regardless of whether or not you have a Pinterest account, you can use Pinspiration to browse and share pins, and the most popular pins currently being shared will rotate on your Live Tile.

Pinspiration in theory allows you to log in to your account, but many users have reported problems with this, likely because Pinterest put down the clamps on non-official Pinterest apps being able to log in to the service. If by some chance you are able to log in with Pinspiration, you can check on Pinners You Follow, as well as pin and repin photos.

A free version and a paid version are both available. The free version is ad supported and limits the number of times you can check Pinners You Follow. The paid version removes both. Pinspiration Pro costs $1.29 on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Official LinkedIn App Comes to Windows Phone Marketplace

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network released its app in Windows Phone Marketplace. It allows you to read updates from your network, comment on the feeds, manage invitations, etc,.

Get on-the-go access to your professional network with LinkedIn for Windows Phone. Find and connect with more than 150M members worldwide, read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, explore jobs you might be interested in, and share content with your network from anywhere.

You can download it here from the marketplace.

Verious brings components to make life easier for Windows Phone developers

Verious Inc is a leader in connecting developers with components and services for mobile app developer and they have a strong presence with iOS and Android development. Today the company has added Windows Phone development to their lineup giving developers even more tools at their disposal. What it means is that Hundreds of pre-built mobile app components, open source projects, HTML5 components and SDKs are now available to Windows Phone developers. It opens up the pool of resources developers have to tap into.  Verious has reportedly worked closely with Microsoft to identify the most valuable components to help accelerate mobile app development.

“The boom in Windows Phone app development is generating a growing number of companies providing components, tools, and mobile-ready services for Windows Phone developers to discover and implement,”

said JC Cimetiere, Director for Developer & Partner programs, Windows Phone Division.

“Microsoft is pleased that Verious is bringing these valuable assets together to help enterprises and independent software developers alike dramatically accelerate their mobile app development.”

Anil Pereira, founder and CEO of Verious had this to say,

“From Metro-styled icons to charting controls and mapping tools, we’ve worked with Microsoft to compile the world’s most comprehensive catalogue of pre-built components, open source libraries and SDKs for Windows Phone development. Now mobile app developers can leverage these resources to get their apps to market faster—just as they do for other leading smartphone platforms.”

Seeing that Verious already has a presence with iOS and Android development, the addition of Windows Phone to Verious’s catalog may see more cross platform apps hit the Marketplace.

Millions of mobile developers looking to build or port apps to the Windows Phone platform can find and discover pre-built app components, popular open source projects, and software development kits (SDKs) for Windows Phone from leading software and technology services companies on http://www.verious.com.

Image Credit: wpcentral


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