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Windows 8.1 will be a free update to Windows 8 through the Windows Store

Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming update for Windows 8 codenamed Blue will be branded as Windows 8.1 for public release. At a recent conference, Tami Reller shared that Windows 8.1 will be a free update to Windows 8 for consumers through the Windows Store. She also reiterated the goal of delivering continual updates to create a richer experience for Windows customers. Windows 8.1 is part of that and continues the journey.

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Another year, A brand new Windows 8 app


Firstly, i would like to wish everyone a happy new year. Hope the holidays was memorable. As for me i spent the holidays putting some finishing touches on my first Windows 8 app which has finally been published to the Windows Store(It just had to be perfect). Almost Three months after Windows 8 launch, i finally published my first of many to really keep everyone occupied. This one is titled TwinkleMap. I’m not going to give  a description or anything like that. That comes later(in Bane’s voice).  So please feel free to download and drop a review whether you love it or hate it (you will definitely love it)

TwinkleMap for Windows 8

Endorsement from Apple Lawyers? “Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone.”


One of the most entertaining moments in the Apple v Samsung legal drama came from Apple’s lawyers who were presenting their final case to the jury. Their lawyer, Harold McElhinny, evidently held up an unspecified Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and exclaimed…”Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone.” the Sony Xperia Arc was also shown. Call it accidental endorsement or not, Apple lawyers got one thing straight, Microsoft and Nokia don’t copy from their competitors.


Meet the Nokia Lumia X, Whether its real or not is another matter


Concept Phones quotes a source called Johnny who says this is a real phone direct from Nokia’s design lab, which will launch in September. Nokia Lumia X features a HD screen resolution, a Clear Black AMOLED display, Windows Phone 8 and a Snapdragon S4 dual core CPU. The camera at the bottom is an 8 megapixel unit with Carl Zeiss technology. As you can see the camera mechanism rotates, just like on older Nokia models like the N93 or 5700 XpressMusic. The rotating area has dedicated media keys and apparently there are also dedicated keys for playing games. Now whether its real or not is another matter. The question is what is your view if Nokia were to release this “phone”?

Want a Surface Tablet? October 26th is your date.

“The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices,”

“In fall 2012, we are launching Windows 8…Its success depends on a number of factors including the extent to which customers embrace its new user interface and functionality, successfully coordinating with our OEM partners in releasing a variety of hardware devices that take advantage of its features, and attracting developers at scale to ensure a competitive array of quality applications. We expect to incur substantial marketing costs in launching Window 8 and associated services and devices, which may reduce our operating margins.”

With this statement Microsoft has confirmed that Surface tablets will arrive October 26 along with Windows 8.

Are you ready to order your Surface device?

Windows 8 to launch October 2012

Microsoft has announced when consumers can expect to see Windows 8. October 2012 was the month provided, with manufacturers to get the release (as well as Windows Server 2012) in the first week of August.

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Windows 8 Developer Camp, Imagine Cup and more

The Windows 8 Developer camp which held in Lagos has come and gone and I must apologize for just talking about the event now(It happened on 12th of June 2012) as I have been a little bit more occupied than usual of late. The event aimed to introduce Windows 8 and Metro to developers and how they could design such apps and monetize them. Speakers were Dele Akinsade, Technology Lead, Microsoft Anglophone West Africa and Shina Oyetosho, Development Platform Evangelist Microsoft Nigeria. While Dele introduced Windows 8 and talked about its core features, Shina introduced the tools to make developers rich while enjoying writing Windows 8 apps. Overall it was a good presentation even though it was just an introduction(A three day camp is expected soon).

Developers had the chance to play with the Visual Studio 2012 and many were enthusiastic of Windows 8 chances and were ready to give it a try

Also I also had the chance to meet Oludayo Ali and Timi Okoya, Nigeria’s representatives at the Imagine Cup Competition and played a little bit with their Winning app “Swifter“(app review coming soon). From the camp, it was evident that Nigeria and West Africa as a whole had missed a lot in the desktop and web era but it was going to make up in the mobile era. It is only a matter of time.

I will discuss about the developer camp in detail but that will be when the actual three day camp starts. Have fun developing..

Side note: Please vote for Swifter for the People’s Choice Award. See how it works and vote for them. You wont be disappointed.

Microsoft Details People App In Windows 8

Microsoft has detailed the new People app coming with Windows 8 OS. The new People app is similar to the People Hub in Windows Phone devices where you can connect all your online services in one place. You can even link them for better access. They have designed the app with following principles,

  • Complete & Connected – All your personal and work contacts are there, alive with their social activities and photos, letting you instantly engage and react to them.Data syncs from your email and social accounts rather than getting this info from a one-time import, and you get a simple unified contact card for each person, regardless of how many versions of their contact info you have from different accounts.
  • Designed for Windows 8 – On modern devices the address book is a core part of the overall experience, therefore it is important to design it with the whole system in mind. The People app follows Metro style design principles so it is fast and fluid, and it works together with all your other apps through the Share and Picker contracts.
  • Cloud-powered – your contacts and settings are effortlessly backed up, so “they just work” when you sign in from a new device, or even from the web. And when you pin a contact to your Start screen, the live tile lights up with real-time notifications about new photos, comments, and tweets.
  • In control – you decide what you share with whom across your home, work, and social networks. And of course, those networks decide what information is shared and connected, respecting their policies and customer privacy.

You can find more screenshots and how it works in the source link below.

Read more at Building Windows 8 blog.

via Microsoft News

Generation App, helping you build Windows Phone App in 30 days

Do you have an idea for a great Windows Phone app but have no idea where to start? Microsoft may have just the help you need to get started in the right direction.

Generation App is a Microsoft partnering program that will walk you through the process of developing a Windows Phone app. “How to develop a Windows Phone app in 30 Days” (“30toLaunch” for short) breaks everything down over four weeks and provides all the resources and support you need to build an app. In many ways, Generation App is a one stop source for all your developing needs

The thirty day schedule covers design principles, creating the interface, designing a splash screen, understanding the various Silverlight aspects, adding ads to your app and every other possible factor involved in app development. Each week has a videos to help you get through things and links to the necessary tools and resources.

Generation App’s tag line is “Start with an idea. Code that idea. Then market it to the masses”. The “30toLaunch” website wraps everything you need up in a nice, single source package.

Culled from wpcentral

via Generation App

Nokia Lumia 900 Screen Hammer Test


Another reason to get a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone? The new Nokia Lumia 900 is hard as nails — literally. The screen can not only survive having nails hammered into it, it can even be used in lieu of a hammer when there’s some nailing needs doing.

Nokia set out to prove the toughness of the Lumia 900’s screen by heading down to the hardware validation lab with a hammer, a two-by-four and some nails. The phone emerged unscathed from being nailed, thanks to its toughened screen.

Press play on the video below for the proof:


Read more of “Nokia Lumia 900 is tough as nails — literally,” at Crave UK.


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