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Verious brings components to make life easier for Windows Phone developers

Verious Inc is a leader in connecting developers with components and services for mobile app developer and they have a strong presence with iOS and Android development. Today the company has added Windows Phone development to their lineup giving developers even more tools at their disposal. What it means is that Hundreds of pre-built mobile app components, open source projects, HTML5 components and SDKs are now available to Windows Phone developers. It opens up the pool of resources developers have to tap into.  Verious has reportedly worked closely with Microsoft to identify the most valuable components to help accelerate mobile app development.

“The boom in Windows Phone app development is generating a growing number of companies providing components, tools, and mobile-ready services for Windows Phone developers to discover and implement,”

said JC Cimetiere, Director for Developer & Partner programs, Windows Phone Division.

“Microsoft is pleased that Verious is bringing these valuable assets together to help enterprises and independent software developers alike dramatically accelerate their mobile app development.”

Anil Pereira, founder and CEO of Verious had this to say,

“From Metro-styled icons to charting controls and mapping tools, we’ve worked with Microsoft to compile the world’s most comprehensive catalogue of pre-built components, open source libraries and SDKs for Windows Phone development. Now mobile app developers can leverage these resources to get their apps to market faster—just as they do for other leading smartphone platforms.”

Seeing that Verious already has a presence with iOS and Android development, the addition of Windows Phone to Verious’s catalog may see more cross platform apps hit the Marketplace.

Millions of mobile developers looking to build or port apps to the Windows Phone platform can find and discover pre-built app components, popular open source projects, and software development kits (SDKs) for Windows Phone from leading software and technology services companies on

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Microsoft shows off Windows 8 business app ‘concepts’


Microsoft’s Dynamics team will be demonstrating concepts of what the company’s business apps could end up looking like when optimized for Windows 8 in Houston this week for the 10,000 or so expected Convergence attendees. These concept apps are Windows 8 HTML5 “Metro-style” (a k a WinRT-based) clients that connect to Dynamics ERP and CRM back-end services.

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Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 11 Beta

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta coming next week. The new version of developer tools will sport a new look and hundreds of new features that will make the developer environment much better.

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Microsoft Announces Windows 8 First Apps Contest

Microsoft has announced a contest for developers building Windows 8 Metro Apps.

The First Apps contest will select eight winning apps to be the very first apps in the Windows Store when it opens. This is your chance to show off your great app and to be part of an exclusive group of developers invited to participate in the Store when it first opens. The winning developers will also get some goodies to help them build even better apps:

  • A Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC from the BUILD conference, so you can test your apps with touch and sensors
  • One year of Windows Azure, so you can build apps that feel connected and alive
  • A two-year subscription to the Store, so you can continue to update and improve your app
You can find more details about this contest at

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