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Windows Phone App Of The Week: Instagram, no Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8.


It takes pride as being the only fully featured Instagram client on the market.  Register, upload, comment, like, follow, find your facebook friends.  Windows Phone 8 users finally have a way to view and upload photos to Instagram via the new Itsdagram app. This is not an official instagram app and It’s not clear if Instagram will ever pull the app’s ability to upload photos to the service, but for now the app seems to work well. Itsdagram goes for $1.49 though you have the option of trying it out first. For now Itsdagram only supports Windows Phone 8

Download Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8


Windows 8 App Of The Week: Learn how to make African recipes with the AfriRecipesWiki app

AfriRecipesWiki is a cooking app which includes African top rated recipes. It also allows users to include their own recipes and gain points as well as options to save your favorite recipes for easy access. Recipes cover the ingredients, step by step directions, and nutritional value. AfriRecipesWiki is a very nice cooking app for Windows 8. AfriRecipesWiki is my third Windows 8 app and one i had really had fun working on as i got to learn how to prepare a lot of local African dishes. Much of the information of the recipes showcase was gotten from some external  sources and i do not claim ownership of the recipes content. AfriRecipesWiki goes for $3.49 but has a free trial period.

Download AfriRecipesWiki from the Windows Store

Windows 8 App Of The Week: Twitter

Twitter released a native Windows Store app for Windows 8 and as usual with Twitter, simplicity was the key factor. The app features Twitter’s Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs, and all the familiar features of Twitter, but is also designed with Windows 8 in mind, which means it can take great advantage of tools like the sharing charm and Live Tiles. You can also use Windows 8 gestures to do things like swipe photos back and forth.


Download Twitter for Windows 8

Windows Phone App of the Week: E! Red Carpet

Well the award season is here with the Oscars coming up and the Golden Globes in the recent past, so it is only fitting that you might want to catch up with all the Red Carpet Drama, Well E! has got you covered with the E! Red Carpet app for Windows Phone. E! will use the app to give you a backstage look at all the major award shows, from the Oscars to the Grammys. That’ll include exclusive news, photos, videos, and interviews from the red carpet and beyond. Download the E! Red Carpet app now from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Windows 8 App Of The Week: Ask questions, Create polls and share ideas with TwinkleMap

TwinkleMap is a is a discussion platform where users discover, debate, and discuss the hottest issues. Users can view the questions and answers as well as votes but to vote, comment or rate a question, they will need to sign in after which they will be assigned  a “ZekeId” that will enable them to continue. Its really fun and the best deserving app for App Of the Week…And did I mention its FREE?

Download TwinkleMap for Windows 8

App Review: Learn about the Africa Nations Cup with AFCON 2013 Guide

So here i was the other day doing a search on the Windows Store, and since we were in the AFCON Spirit, i decided to download any suitable AFCON app, so i searched for AFCON 2013 and no results came up. That came with mixed feelings for me. Firstly if it was an Euro tournament, there would be tons of apps for the tournament but now not even one came up. It wasn’t even used as keyword for an app, No result at all. Perhaps developers didn’t feel People with Windows 8 would actually be interested in AFCON 2013 or they felt Websites were enough for such information. Well people would need a Windows 8 app, so i decided to come up with one. Its not perfect but its my second Windows 8 app. It took me a day to finish(I wanted it to be out before Nations Cup officially started so i rushed it). So please be mild on the app.


Download AFCON 2013 Guide

Windows 8 App Of the Week: Just get Windows 8 first and welcome to the future. #EndOfDiscussion

Windows 8 was released on October 26th 2012, and represents a massive change in the Windows sphere. I’ve been using it for months now and all i can say is using Windows 7 feels old skool already. It will take some time getting used to(the full screen apps, the live tile etc), but that’s the good thing about change. When you get the hang of it, you won’t go back. The Windows Store is the icing on the cake and showcases the best of apps from developers like me(Expect mine in a week, two at most).

Download Windows 8 here .

If you do not have Windows 8, you cannot download any of the Windows Store Apps. #EndOfDiscussion


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