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Windows Phone App of the Week: Keep Calm And Carry On with Your Windows Phone

You may or may not have seen those classic “Keep Calm”British propaganda posters from World War II, but if they strike your fancy, you can create your own custom version on your Windows Phone with the Keep Calm app.

The app offers up the image of the classic poster, and allows you to create your own text. You can also change the color of the background, or substitute for a national flag, if you really want to go on with the propaganda thing. Unfortunately, there are only 10 flags available, and a good chunk of the most propaganda-worthy national flags are absent. You can also replace the crown on the original with a few other stock designs that the app has loaded for you to browse.

Keep Calm is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace for £0.79, or about $1.25.


Culled from ChipChick

Marketplace arrives in 13 new countries

Microsoft has announced the expansion of Windows Phone Marketplace in 13 new countries. The list includes Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela and brings the total number of markets served up to 54.

Microsoft also celebrated adding 20,000 apps and 15,000 registered developers to the new China Marketplace.

Microsoft also noted that the total number of markets will soon rise to 63 when UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam joins the list.


Read more at Microsoft here.

Windows Phone App of the Week: Nokia Music and Play To Beta Hit Nokia Windows Phones


Nokia is making sure that they keep their Windows Phone owners happy with the release of intermittent new updates. Owners of Nokia Windows Phones will be getting an upgrade to the music app, called Nokia Music 2.0. Nokia Music 2.0 isn’t too much of a departure from what Nokia users already were using, but they’ll also notice a new beta of an app called Play To. Play To will be a general purpose streaming app for people who use DLNA compatible devices. The beta currently can only stream pictures and videos, but streaming music should be coming soon.

The Nokia Music 2.0 upgrade and the Play To beta are both available now for free.

4th & Mayor: one year later

Jeff Wilcox, senior developer at Microsoft and developer of the 4th & Mayor Windows Phone app, has published some statistical data on his blog covering the app’s usage in the past year. Wilcox publicly released 4th & Mayor one year ago, and the app quickly become an extremely popular choice with consumers.

The Foursquare client, which currently sits at version 3.2 / 3.3, boasts some bold statistics:

  • Used by over 60,000 people, most every single day.
  • Over 35,000 people have push notifications enabled.
  • Of users who’ve opted into sharing usage information, the app has been used to check-in over 7,650,000 times.
  • The app’s been run over 8,000,000 times.

It’s interesting to note that 4th & Mayor has been run over 8 million times in 365 days. That’s almost 22,000 times a day. While one would expect a high level of use due to the nature and functionality of the app, it’s still a positive sign for Windows Phone itself.

As for 4th & Mayor, Wilcox is set to release version 3.4 soon which will “add a lot more features for international users, including more map choices such as OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, plus business hours support”.

Should you not have 4th & Mayor installed on your Windows Phone, you can download it from the Marketplace for free.

Source:  wpcentral via Jeff Wilcox

Round 3: HTC Titan II vs the Sony Xperia Ion–Vote for Windows Phone now!

Today we have the third round of LaptopMagazine’s March Madness which includes a Windows Phone handset which is HTC Titan II with its 4,7 inch screen and 1.5 Ghz processor and LTE squaring off against the Sony Xperia Ion.

Show your love for Windows Phone by voting for our favourite OS here.

Microsoft shows off Windows 8 business app ‘concepts’


Microsoft’s Dynamics team will be demonstrating concepts of what the company’s business apps could end up looking like when optimized for Windows 8 in Houston this week for the 10,000 or so expected Convergence attendees. These concept apps are Windows 8 HTML5 “Metro-style” (a k a WinRT-based) clients that connect to Dynamics ERP and CRM back-end services.

Read more at ZDNet 


Microsoft Kinect Now Helps People Choose Their Perfect Fitting Jeans

Microsoft released its commercial version of Kinect for Windows SDK last month along with a new hardware. Since then many companies have come up with many apps, but this one is really cool. Up to 40% of clothing purchased both online and in person is returned because of poor fit, so to solve this problem Kinect was used in retail solutions.

During Bloomingdale’s Denim Days, March 15 – 18, customers will be able to get their body mapped, and also become a Bodymetrics member. This free service enables customers to access an online account and order jeans based on their body shape.

“We’re very excited about bringing Bodymetrics to US shoppers,” explains Suran Goonatilake, CEO of Bodymetrics. “Once we 3D map a customer’s body, we classify their shape into three categories – emerald, sapphire and ruby. A Bodymetrics Stylist will then find jeans that exactly match the body shape of the customer from jean styles that Bloomingdale’s stocks.”

The process starts with a customer creating a Bodymetrics account. They are then directed to the Bodymetrics Pod, a secure, private space, where their body is scanned by 8 Kinect sensors arranged in a circle. Bodymetrics’ proprietary software produces a 3D map of the customer’s body, and then calculates the shape of the person, taking hundreds of measurements and contours into account. The body-mapping process takes less than 5 seconds.

Read more at Kinect for Windows blog. 


via Microsoft News


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