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Microsoft Announces The Release Of Office 15 Technical Preview

Today Microsoft announced the release of Office 15 technical preview to its select partners & customers. Office 15 is the codename for the next generation of the Microsoft Office products and services that will hit public beta this summer. Microsoft  is touting this as the most ambitious undertaking yet for the Office Division.

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Windows Phone App of the Week: Custom Lock Screen Lets You Get Creative With Bing Search Images


Custom Lock Screen is a remarkably well-named app that lets users search through Bing or private images to create custom backgrounds for the Windows Phone lock screen. Users can choose between preset templates and backgrounds, then add elements. Elements are rectangles or ellipses that contain images the user chooses from Bing or from their own collections. Text can be added, and different text colors and fonts are available. Users can also play around with transparency and share their finished product on twitpic.

Custom Lock Screen is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace for $0.99, though there is a limited free trial version.


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For Developers: Microsoft Advertising pubCenter Expands To Cover 7 New Countries

Microsoft Advertising has announced the expansion of pubCenter to 7 new countries around the world which will enable Windows Phone developers in said countries to begin earning revenue from in-app advertising. The new countries that are added to the list are India, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Denmark

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Kinect and Windows Phone combine to create holographic game engine (video)


YouTube user programming4fun has come up with using Microsoft’s Kinect beta SDK and a Windows Phone handset. The system, pictured above, basically consists of a Kinect and a 3D engine; the former tracks the position of a viewer and automatically adjusts the image projected by the latter, creating the illusion of a 3D landscape. In this case, that landscape happened to feature a holographic helicopter, which could be controlled using a phone’s accelerometer and a Windows Phone 7 app (apparently called HoloController). Watch it in action, after the break.



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Sensor Support in Windows 8

Microsoft has detailed the sensors support that’s coming in Windows 8. Windows 8 will support wide range of sensors that our modern smartphones support such as Gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, etc,. Microsoft designed sensor support such that Windows 8 should use them at the system level, to adapt the PC to the environment while preserving battery life.


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Need a texting app? Go Heywire!


HeyWire (see website) is a cross-platform app that enables users to text each other for free from the US and 45 other countries.  It sends SMS over any internet connection from iOS, Android, “dumb phones,” and now, Windows Phone.

“We are very excited to provide the only free texting app in the Microsoft Marketplace — a platform that Gartner predicts will capture the number two smartphone spot by 2015,” said HeyWire founder and CEO Meredith Flynn-Ripley. “This was an important service for our company to bring to consumers, which continues HeyWire’s mission to facilitate free global communications amongst groups of friends. Now, WP7 users can send and receive text messages with friends on multiple devices, quickly and easily.”

HeyWire not only lets you connect across mobile platforms, but Twitter as well.  It has a simple, straight-forward user interface and can be downloaded for free here.


Culled from wpcentral

Windows Phone App of the Week: Craigslist Gets a Windows Phone Makeover

Craigslist Mobile looks to be an easy, fast way to browse through Craigslist in that unique, Windows Phone style. In the app, you can bookmark certain categories, which will allow you to receive real-time updates about new postings in those categories. There is also a separate favorites list where you can add individual postings, for easy access. The Craigslist Mobile app is available now from the windows Phone Marketplace for $1.29.


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